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Ubud Bali -  March 2013 - White Water River SUPing

Hello friends, if you tough I did it all you were wrong!

When I see something new I have to DO it...

The ultimate crazy nest in the world of SUP is to take on rivers with white water rapids. Just the time to put my hand on an inflatable SUP and I was ready to go. Thanks to SOBEK rafting and their team of guides to provide me with assistance for this latest adventure. So much fun and I think you can see it from the pictures.

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Bali -  February 2013 - The Crossing

Hello friends, 

here are the pics from our last adventure.

Me and Komang tried to cross the channel between Bali and Nusa Lembongan! We were not 100% successful but we give al we got.

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Sumatra -  November 2012 - Back to the Bono!

Hello friends,

here are the pics from my second trip to the Bono.

Me and Tony were lucky to get 4 days by ourselves.

Finally I got it as it suppose to be!

An absolutely fantastic experience!


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Indonesia -  Lakey Peak Sumbawa

Hello friends,

Here is a small selections of pictures from my last 4 years traveling to Lakey Peak during the October pilgrimage. You can see an evolution on the boards used! Going from Mano 9'4 (yellow/green) to Mano 9'0 (all yellow) and this year the Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun 8'7.


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Sri Amman, Malaysia -  May 2012 - Benak River SUP Bore riding

Hello friends,

the Bore Fever is stronger then ever!!!! Just recently I came across the news of another River Tidal wave this time on the island of Borneo, exactly at the small city of Sri Amman.

The Batang Lupar river rate n. 4 in the world for this incredible phenomenon! The wave is not as big or as long as the Bono but there are many super nice sections and the place is fantastic!!!

All pics thanks to our friend Abdillah of Abadi Photography


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Sumatra -  November 2011 - Bono River SUP Bore riding

Hello friends, is official I got the Bore Fever... Or syndrome of  riding tidal river waves! My first experience was absolutely exhilarating.. With few friends we went to Sumatra on the small village of Teluk Meranti to ride the Bono a very large and long tidal bore wave on the Kampar River. An absolutely fantastic experience!


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Bali -  03 January 2011 - Sanur Ship Wreck SUP session

Hello friends and welcome to 2011....

We started the year with an amazing session at Sanur.

After almost one month with smallish waves finally some size!

We tried few spot and really have a ball at Sanur ship wreck.

Our friend Mark from Liquid Mocean was snapping pictures in the water for us. Me, Komang, Tony and Andrew.

See more pics from Mark at


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Bali -  November 2009 - Thursday is Ladies Supping!!!

Hello Girls,

the SUP movement in Bali is taking a pink turn!!

Is official that in Sanur we have more Ladies doing it standing then man!!! Here are some pics from one of our Thursday sessions.

Do you want to learn or just join us for a fun session, then book every Thursday on your calendar...


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Bali -  06 August 2009 - Balian exploration

Hello friends,

after so long I finally went to ride Balian in the occasion of the Ben Wilson Accelerator Wave Camps.

In the morning Balian scene looked quite magic! Waves over head to double over head were rolling in and breaking nicely.

I always thought that Balian was a busy spot but all the surfers were in the inside and we were taking off so far away.

A really incredible spot for SUP one of the best in Bali.


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Bali -  31 May 2009 - Uluwatu May domination......

Hello friends,

another month is pass and I just receive some nice pictures of couple of Brazilian friends that spent some time with us in Bali.

Ricardo and Julio (Maddog) have been ripping all over the island.

They rented few boards from us and we shared good waves in Serangan. But their favorite playground was Uluwatu...

Thank you guys for the beautiful pictures and see you next year.


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Bali -  31 March 2009 - Serangan Island March Magic...

Hello friends,

this year Serangan Island gave us an amazing month of March.

Being in between season we had almost no wind and very glassy conditions most of the mornings. We blended in nicely and tried to show what SUP is all about. I call it now "Gentlemen Surfing"...

Rider: Jankie, Komang and Joe from Maui Ripper!

Thanks for the picture to Atsushi Endo, Japanese photographer.

If you need picture give him a call: +62 81338560503 you can find him in most of the spot of Bali. 


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Indonesia -  31 October 2008 - Sumbawa conquered!

Hello friends,

It was the time of year for my annual kitesurfing getaway to Lakey Sumbawa. This year I decided to bring along my SUP.

You can see images taken from all the 3 spot here.

Thanks to my friend Peter Ho for the photos.


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Bali - 30 June 2008

Great success at the Bali International Triathlon, with more then 350 participants from all over the world. The Winner was Mr. Luke McKenzie from Australia that finish in just over 2 hours giving with over 15 minutes to the 2nd qualified.

Our SUP team was there and did a great job! We had to intervene to bring to safety 3 swimmer and to help few more to get to the end.

There were a bit of a shore break and we spent time riding the small rolling waves and showing a bit of what SUPS is all about.

In all it was a super experience and we will be there next year.


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Bali - 27May 2008

I got "da" scoop.... Starboard SUP rider and designer Scott McKercher spent  some time with us here in Bali for equipment testing and photo shooting.

Funny is that when I went to pick them up at the airport with the SUP mobile he found out that his picture is on the side of my car!!

Lucky for me I had the chance to test the new models but I can't really say anything or they will kill me..

I even had to Photoshop some of the images to hide the new boards look... Sorry! they are amazing but still top secret....

Thanks to Margareta Engstrom for the photos. 


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Sanur - Oka Point - 16 May 2008

And here we are again, the waves season is started nicely. Good sized swell are pounding our shores! This is how Oka Point is been behaving for the last 5 days... I would say just magic!!

This are the biggest waves I have been riding so far.

My Bonga 10'0 is so sweet that I'm in love.

Photos by Moleh.


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Sanur - Hyatt Reef - 15 March 2008

Hello friends, wow.... last 4 days we have been hitting Hyatt reef, a wave that frankly I thought was too much to handle for us.

But I was wrong!!! See the images and judge by yourself.

Also starring our local Hero Oka Sulaksana on his 2nd day on a SUP!!! He is already showing the difference between a real champion and us common mortal.  Photos by Moleh.


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Sanur - Tanjung Left & Right March 2008

Hello friends, here are some nice pics from one of our favorite spot in Sanur. Waves about 1,5 to 2 meters, high tide and no wind..

Hope you enjoy as we did!


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Sanur - Our school is in full swing!!!! March 2008

Ciao boys and girls! Finally also in Bali SUPS is taking over..

Here is some pics with some of our student during lessons over Sanur.


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Sanur - Blue Reef February 2008

Hello friends, today we had a great day at our home reef in Sanur.

Waves were about 1 to 2 meter! high tide, no wind..

Allot of fun with all the local crew!!!!


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Uluwatu - August 2007

For the people that keep telling me "yeah SUPS is only for small waves.." Check this out... Uluwatu quite big!

Rider is Haley Fiske from California, that sent us the images..

Thank you Haley and I hope to see you again in Bali.


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