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Indonesia - October  2008 - Sumbawa conquered!

Hello friends,

It was the time of year for my annual kitesurfing getaway to Lakey Sumbawa. This year I decided to bring along my SUP.

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Thanks to my friend Peter Ho for the photos.

June 30, 2008

Great success at the Bali International Triathlon, with more then 350 participants from all over the world. The Winner was Mr. Luke McKenzie from Australia that finish in just over 2 hours giving with over 15 minutes to the 2nd qualified.

Our SUP team was there and did a great job! We had to intervene to bring to safety 3 swimmer and to help few more to get to the end.

There were a bit of a shore break and we spent time riding the small rolling waves and showing a bit of what SUPS is all about.

In all it was a super experience and be sure that we will be there next year.  click to go to the gallery

June 29, 2008

Fellow Watermen,

We are inviting everybody to join Sunday 29 of June at the MRA Bali International Triathlon 2008.

The course includes a 1.5 kilometer swim in the warm waters of Jimbaran Bay, a 40 kilometer bike ride on hilly paved roads and a 10 kilometer mostly flat run with a beach finish at the Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay.


The Bali SUP School will join the Kuta Life Guard team in guaranteeing the water safety during the swimming leg of the race.

Starting time is at 7 am at the Four Season Resort.

After the race you will be able to demo the latest designs in Stand Up Paddle Board by Starboard.

If you have never tried before we will give you a short free starter lesson about how to do it… Hope to see you there.

May 16, 2008

And here we are again, the waves season is started nicely. Good sized swell are pounding our shores! This is how Oka Point is been behaving for the last 5 days... I would say just magic!!

This are the biggest waves I have been riding so far.

My Bonga 10'0 is so sweet that I'm in love.

Photos by Moleh. click to go to the gallery

March 20, 2008

Finally our shipment from Starboard is arrived.

We received the bigger sizes of the full range:

11'2 the Ultimate bland

12'0 Mr. Easy

12'6 The Cruiser - with the center fin option for windsurfing

My first impressions of the boards are really good!

The 11'2 is my favorite board as it very stable and floaty but still very maneuverable and loose in the wave.

The 12'6 is also great for heavy people, the glide and the speed on this board are amazing and still surf very well given the big size.

Manufacturing is state of the art!

And the Carbon paddle is simply amazing! The best I have tried so far. We have all boards at disposal for free testing.

For more info check at the SB web page:

March 15, 2008

Hello friends, wow....
Last 4 days we have been hitting Hyatt reef, a wave that frankly I thought was too much to handle for us.
But I was wrong!!! See the images and judge by yourself.
Also starring our local Hero Oka Sulaksana (Top Indonesian Windsurfer for the last 15 years) on his 2nd day on a SUP!!! He is already showing the difference between a real champion and us common mortal.
Myself I was amaze considering that I'm not really a surfer!! I was catching the biggest waves ever without a kite or a sail.

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February 7, 2008

A very funny session in Sanur at Blue Reef. Waves were about 1 to 2 meter, absolutely no wind and enjoying with friends out there.

I'm absolutely stocked by then fun we are having day after day!!

Actually I think that I'm enjoying SUPS more then Kitesurfing.

Is absolutely amazing that also many of the locals guys that when they saw an SUP board the first time were laughing at me are now having a ball, they prefer to use a SUP then a surfboard.

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January 5, 2008
Finally our new store in Sanur is open! The name says it all “Kite & Surf Bali” the only shop in Bali and Indonesia where to find all you need for you water fun... SUP, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Surfing and more. Huge assortment of beach clothing, fashion and accessories.
If you are in Bali you must come to visit us!

Our address is Jalan Cemara N. 72, in front of the entrance of Sanur Beach Hotel. Tel: 0361 – 284260.

December 15, 2007
Our school is fully operational… and we had our first client!

Look at the picture on the right side! He is riding in style his first wave!!
Check the School page for prices and programs.
For more info or reservations call our instructor Jankie at

08133 8235082

We usually go early morning to get advantage of no wind conditions.

December 1, 2007
Our first shipment of SUP is arrived! Eight new Mistral Pacifico showed up at our front door…. We are so happy, finally I will not be alone SUPPING in the waves.
Four boards will be used for our school and rental program.
Four boards are going for sale!! Do not wait too long if you want yours… See the local crew of Balinese boys posing Hawaiian style.
Free SUP board bag for the first 2 lucky buyer!!
The price 1.200 US$ for the board and 210 US$ for the paddle.