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SUP Rental

The bigger fleet of boards in Bali...


350.000 rp for full day

900.000 rp for 3 days

1.500.000 rp for 1 week

2.600.000 rp for 2 weeks

3.600.000 rp for 3 weeks

4.500.000 rp for 1 month!


We drop the board to your hotel for free

in Sanur area Only.

For other ares we can deliver at a charge!

Very simple policy!

You break you pay! 

Include Jimmy Lewis paddle & Car Straps

NO Leash for rental, bring your own!


Damage deposit of 400 US$ only in CASH is required and a copy of your passport if you take the board away from our beach.


We have the following SUP boards:


Jimmy Lewis


Super Tech 8'3 x 29 x 105 lts

Stun Gun 8'2 x 28 3/4 x 99 lts

Stun Gun 8'7 x 29 1/2 x 110 lts

Stun Gun 9'2 x 30 1/4 x 124 lts

Stun Gun 9'7 x 31 x 136 lts

WorlWide 8'5 x 30 x 127 lts

WorlWide 8'9 x 31 x 140 lts

WorlWide 9'3 x 32 x 154 lts

Kwad 9'11 x 32 x 175 lts

Maestra  9'9 x 33 x 180 lts

Maestro 10'3 x 35 x 215 lts

B&B Machine 9'6 x 28 x 117 lts

Air Maestro 10'3 x 33 x 225 lts

(inflatable for Yoga & flat water)



JL Destroyer 7'0

JL Destroyer 8'0

JL HP Ultimate Nose Rider 9'6

150.00 rp per day


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Bali Surf School

For Reservation or Info e-mail at


We are located at Villa Puri Ayu Resort in Sanur,

Jalan Cemara 4B. Just after the Puri Santrian Hotel.






Sorry but tired of people calling in the middle of the night or at 06:00 in the morning to make enquiry!!! Also tired of people making reservations and then not showing up or even call to cancel when we wake up at 06:30 and wait for them....


PLEASE UNDERSTAND that we are at our HQ  only when we have clients...


SUP is a sport that is better done when there is no wind  or as little as possible, we recommend an early start. Usually our lessons begins around 07:30 to 08:00 also depend on the tide!


WHY US? It's easy... We have the best prices, best boards in the island and the BEST spot for learning...

Flat water and "surfer free" easy waves all in one spot!

After pioneering Kitesurfing in Bali from 1999 we are again leading the way!
We offer SUP lessons and rental to help you learn this amazing sport. 

We supply paddles and specialized stand up boards for all skill levels.
The appeal of stand-up paddle, or paddle surfing, is twofold.

Experienced surfers find that paddle surfing enables them to get out into the surf faster and easier. They can stay out beyond the normal line of surfers and catch the waves before everyone else.

As traditional surfers hop to their feet, we are already there and

once we catch a wave we use the paddle for balance and to turn.

After a while, the paddle becomes a natural extension of the rider.
Other people are using the boards just to cruise in flat water.

SUP is getting a lot of praise as cardiovascular crossover training and considered a great way to exercise and keep in shape even without riding in waves.

Our experienced instructors will give you their personal attention and share the surfing/paddling experience with you.

Learning to paddle surf could be the beginning of a new lifelong passion.



What you will learn with us....

·  Safety 

·  Equipment

·  Transporting equipment

·  How to hold the Paddle 

·  Self rescue

·  Use off the Leg rope

·  Getting up on the board

·  Stance

·  Basic paddle stroke

·  Basic paddle turn

·  Controlling board direction

·  Front side turn

·  Back side turn 

·  Quick turn

·  Waves Handling

·  Surfing Techniques

·  Wave Knee surfing

·  Wave SUP surfing 

·  Surf Safety

·  SUP etiquette

·  Equip. Recommendations 

At Bali SUP School we give you the best tools to succeed in learning to Stand Up Paddle Surfing...

The best SCHOOL boards in the market!

Developed in collaboration with Jimmy Lewis we are proud to introduce NOW the Maestro...

What people say about SUP?

"It's a soulful experience"

"Most stand-up surfers are in their 30s to 50s. It's not an 18-year-old thing; you go to a longer board because you don't have those ambitions. You love the grace of it all"

"It's just an enjoyable workout, it gives you good exercise and it's a lot of fun"

"People are reporting losing weight and toning up”

"One of my friends says this is going to be the biggest, stupidest sport you've ever seen, this is going to be monster big"

“With a paddle, you can go on perhaps eight times more rides and three times as far”

Mr. Zapotocky claims to be the world's oldest SUP surfer at 88. "It's absolutely the way to go; I think there's a great future in it not only for surfing"


"This is the next step in surfing, beyond paddling, beyond kayaking. I've done that, but after this it's hard to go back to anything else"


"Is so exhilarating to be out there with your friend trying new stuff! Some time I can't stop laughing"


"SUPS is about sharing waves with your friends, I stopped surfing due to the bad vibe in the line up"




Beginner Lesson Flat Water
350.000 rp for 1,5 hours (about 28 US$)

We will teach to you the correct tecniques about paddling and all you need to know to enjoy this beautifull sport.

15 minutes theory on land and pool

45 minutes flat water paddling coaching

30 minutes (or more) free paddling


Beginner Lesson with Waves

450.000 rp for 2 hours (about 36 US$)

Learn all in one shot... From flat water paddling to catch your first waves.

15 minutes theory on land and pool

45 minutes flat water paddling coaching

45 minutes waves coaching

15 minutes free paddling


Beginner Lesson Flat Water

in the Lagoon

400.000 rp for 1,5 hours (about 32 US$)
In case the wind is strong we will take you with our boat to a secluded and sheltered lagoon where you will be able to learn to SUP in perfect still water.

Our Boat will take you back to the base at the end of the trip so that you don't need to paddle against the wind!


Intermediate Lesson
450.000 rp for 2 hours (about 40 US$)
Is all about waves! Our instructors will help you to master Wave Supping. Improve your style and your skill with us!


Private Lesson
700.000 rp for 2 hours (about 58 US$)
One on One with on of our Instructor to get the best tuition ever!!!

Include all equipment.


SUP Session

250.000 rp for 2 hours (about 21 US$)
Rent a board from us. Take of from Sanur Beach to discover our lagoon or Reef.

All the waves are just 15 minutes paddle away.

You can also use our SUP Surf Taxi service to & from the Reef for just 50.000 rp extra per person.


INCLUDE: Board,  Paddle, Reef Booties.

and Surf Leash (only for lessons or daily rental in our beach!),