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Bali is a really really great place for a surf trip. It has so many great waves, great weather and warm water temperatures.

An island where surfing is a way of life. In Bali, visiting Surfers can experience the joy of waking up to a good Murah (Bahasa for surf report), three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year.

If you are up as the sun rises, you will catch a glimpse of Balinese, masters of the waves armed with surf boards on their way to the beach.
Balinese are passionate about surfing. They are also quick to dismiss as idle talk, any suggestion that it was not until 1967 that a group of traveling Australian surfers discovered the island as a viable surfing destination. They will tell you that they have been surfing and have welcomed and taught visitors on their breakers since the 1930’s.

The surf is just classic around the Bukit Peninsular - directly south from the airport.

Kuta Beach is very popular with tourists and surfers alike and the lineup here can get pretty hectic.

If you ever wanted to surf but never had the opportunity to learn, your dream can come true in Bali. It has waves that are perfect for every kind of surfer, from the beginner to the barrel enthusiast.

Bali picks up swells from the Southern Ocean and from April to November will see consistent surf of up to 12 ft.

This is also the dry season so its the best time to come.

That said the rest of the year still receives decent surf from 2-6ft.

It is board shorts all year round but a nice Lycra is a must to protect from the tropical sun.

It experiences two seasons, wet and rainy between October and March and dry from April to September. Even during the wet season, rain can be expected to pass quickly.

Surfing Bali - The Good
Great Consistency
World Class Waves
Warm Water

Surf Bali - The Bad and the Ugly
Crowded Waves
You Get Hassled - A Lot!

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